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October 09, 2014


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Mary Ann

Changing ones hair color is a very big deal...lol! Hugs Carrie, wish I was going to market to meet all my blog friends and IG buddies.


I was always a dark blond so a new hair color would be a biiiigggg deal for me. Have a great weekend:-)

Cathy Burk

That wasn't what I was expecting, but it is exciting, big news! Go for it! If you don't like it you can always change it back. Can't wait to see pictures!


I thought for sure there was going to be a quilter on Dancing With the Stars! Go for the hair color - always fun!


Then you can answer the age-old question about whether blondes DO have more fun!


What a relief! I wasn't sure what a "largish change" might be, but I'm glad it is your hair color and not a career change. Ever since the owners of my favorite quilt shop in my state--the Buggy Barn--decided to close their business I've been feeling a little nervous when I hear about change.


Ohmygosh -- you made me burst out laughing. And ... do you just have a pair of fake boobs sitting aroung??? The question isn't do blondes have more fun, it's whether girls with fake boobs have more fun. I'm thinking about putting a pair in my purse to see if it's true!

Archie The Wonder Dog

Well thank goodness you're not giving up quilting or designing patterns or writing books! *collapses in a heap of sheer relief* Good luck with the hair transformation and have fun at QM!


Funny! I just got my hair done last night! I was born a brunette and lived most of my life as either a brunette or a reddish-head. I cut it all off a few years ago and went au natural (sp) for a while, or should I say until I was shopping with my daughter who was eight or nine at the time and some old lady(said with a snarky tone), said to her, "it's so nice of your grandma to take you shopping." I wasn't even 50!! Got it colored the next day. I am now a bleached blonde and I love it. It makes me look younger. I don't think I'm having any more fun now, but I like what I see in the mirror (at least what's on my head).

Do what makes you feel good, happy or however you choose to describe it.


I saw Lisa Sipes on The Quilt Show. She is a very gifted long-arm quilter. Her hair was pink. So blond or red-head, that sounds pretty tame.

Leota Krantz

WOW. You really had me going...with that first picture and all. I truly thought you might be moving to Houston....much closer to me...but I guess, changing up the old hair will do for a kick start too. Have a great weekend.

Pam Larson

Had me going or as they say "made me blink". Would love to see how the hair turns out..maybe a selfy? About 9 months ago I decided that I needed a hair change so I started growing it out. I started with hair about 2 inch long all over and now it is just below my ears. It seems like it has taken forever just to get this far. There have been times I almost gave up but my husband and daughters would not let me get it cut all off. God love them.


Sometimes a little change is good. Glad you aren't moving.mi still want a pane di Bianco.


I have a question for you ? I am making Lucy & would like my quilt to be smaller around 60" X 60".

How many rows across and down would I need to make to get this size ?

Thanks for your help



You just don't want to be recognized at market, right? just be a little hermit in your little cubicle. got it.


Hahahaha! What a good joke on us.


Blonde and incognito?hope you are very happy with the change-up! Best wishes!


carrie, i finally decided i would color my hair when grey starting coming in. i do have it colored at a salon. it's expensive but sooooo worth it. i am blonde again without damaging my hair and it looks natural. color out of a box at home is hard to fine tune and it does damage the hair. let the 'colorist' at the salon advise you. they are usually very good at it. ;p

Andrea Kelter

LMAO...first picture! A hair change - always fun! Best thing? If u end up not loving it, it can be changed again! And again. Whereas picture #1, not so much! Still laughing...


Good luck with the new fall/winter look. I have a box on my counter right now... but I am thinking about having someone else take responsibility and letting a pro handle it! I am a bit of a scaredy cat.

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