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October 16, 2014


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Glad to hear that you're doing well. I'll have to go to the Seinfeld sight and have a look, need some laughter in my life.

Archie The Wonder Dog

I love the back of your quilt! Of course, I'll love the front when I see it but, for the moment, my love of the back will have to see me through! Have a happy haircut!

Sandy M

Oh My God. I can't believe you did that! Those Sienfeld links are so dang addicting! I can't believe you threw that out there! There goes three hours of my life I will never get back.
Evil Evil woman!


Car dancing is great fun. My sister and niece and I engage in it often, but one of my nephews has a strict no car dancing rule so we try to leave him at home.

I can't wait to see the rest of the top quilt. I love the back--that's another great use of the alphabet fabric. I've used it to put names on the front of quilts and have a bunch ready for something else.


Thanks, Carrie, for making us laugh. Did you get the license plate number of that Audi A8?????


I am going to a quilt retreat one week from today. I have done all my laundry so my clothes are ready to pack, and I swear I am going to spend about an hour a day getting everything else ready to go---I am NOT going to be running around in a big panic Wednesday night, like I usually do. And I am NOT going to get there Thursday afternoon and realize that I have left about half of my supplies and tools at home, like I usually do.


Love these songs, too! And your quilt, front and back. Sewing mistakes? Been there, done that. But normally nobody except me realize and so I just leave it. I've made one while piecing my Moda Building Block version together (not the same as the pattern because shipping was so expensive and I've made one with all my favorite blocks) but since a) it isn't the same pattern and b) who will notice? And I think that's what photoshop is for;-)
Have fun at market with your new hair ... perhaps Audi guy will be there, lol!

Andrea Kelter

Love the back of your quilt...just gorgeous! And singing in the car (with a few dance moves, too!) - Yup - big favourite here!!!! (Of course, this IS Nova Scotia, and a busy highway means you see five cars every 40 miles....but even so....)...Happy Hair Cut - I love getting haircuts (as long as they turn out the way I imagined) - there's just something about coming out of the salon and feeling like you look your best!!!! Perhaps you'll trip over Audi-Guy on your way out...Enjoy Market - and if you're out and about in Houston and happen to enjoy some fab food truck cuisine, a full report would be so great for those of us stuck in the hinterland!


Hi Carrie: your upbeat attitude is contagious even through the internet. Since my son was little (in a car seat) it was our thing to drive and sing (and wiggle dance). He's 21 now, and sometimes he'll ask if I'll go for a drive with him. He has no place to go...he just wants to get in the car and sing with his mom. He has a beautiful voice, me-not so much, but it doesn't matter we sing our lungs out.


Glad you are almost ready for market. Good Luck! Enjoy your time and I will pray for you to have stamina!

Mary Ann

Nothing like singing and dancing in the car so good for the happy day factor. And in general I find if I chose joy everyday even in the small things well then you have some stamina for the tougher days...and you can Shake it off!! The Seinfeld site..omg. I am doomed.


And you know the best part? You totally made that guy's day! I'll bet he's thought of you more than once with a smile!


Shake it off is my FAVORITE song right now...it says it all, has a GREAT beat, and it is on my workout playlist at the end, which is what I need to finish. I car dance too, and I've had plenty of people laugh at me, which makes me do it all the more. Enjoy...your quilts are beautiful and market will be tiring, but fun!

Diana Wylie

I am sure you will have a great time at Market seeing all the people you only see a couple of times a year. I have a question about one of the pinnie's I saw in your archives. The one Cupcake has as well the watermelon. Is this one of your patterns I might have missed along the way? I do love it and wondered if you might still have a pattern for it? I got one of your pin cushion patterns and made it for all my iQuilty friends this year for Xmas but cannot stop thinking about the watermelon one. Hope you have the patterns I can purchase. Have a great time in Houston, hopefully you will have good weather as well.


rosie would probably give you a high-five for the singing in the car. ;p


I love singing in the car!


I love a beautiful day with the windows down and the volume up and singing at the top of my lungs! A smile and nod from an observer in an Audi is icing on the cupcake! Keep smiling!

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