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November 25, 2014


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Are you sure that apartment is large enough? Love your storage! Best wishes and so much happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope all your packing goes well - it's always such a huge task - and wishing you lots of happiness in your new job and city.


Carrie - your new apartment looks beautiful! Hope everything continues to fall into place. You will be such a wonderful asset of Moda. Can't wait to hear more about what you'll be up to. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Happy packing!


You have a huge task ahead of you, but I'm sure you will have lots of help :-S And by the way, we're going with you, whether you want us to come along or not :-D Best of luck on the new adventure.


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! With no snow...for sure!

The apartment looks beautiful...I know what you mean about the light...my sewing room is the smallest in the house but has the best light!


Your new apparment looks great but you know we all die to see when you've finished moving in and then have your new sewing room.
Wish you a happy thanksgiving and all the best at your new job (and we all dying to hear about that one, too;-)

Leota Krantz

I am so excited and happy for you in your newest adventure. My mother always told me that when God closed a door, he opened a window. You might not enjoy all that packing up, but you will enjoy the unpacking as it is a new beginning, a new chapter for you. Wishing you the very best in your new employment and have a safe happy holiday season. Welcome to Texas.

Peggy Aront

Carrie, what a wonderful and happy adventure for you :) Having never lived anywhere but NJ, I love reading and seeing where other quilters move to and what inspires them. Your new apartment looks AWESOME. I don't envy you the packing and moving though..... We're just having some work done in our house and the disarray is about to drive me nuts!

Best of luck with the new job....I can't imagine anything better!

Happy Holidays and looking forward to seeing your new set up!


Linda P

That fireplace looks pretty close to that wall........ we need more pics! Wish we could all jump in pack something and carry it over for you. I'm a pretty good packer, if I have to say so myself!
I am puppy sitting and loving it - it's a mother & son Papillions. We really needed the laughs!! The son probably shouldn't have lived but my sister being determined saved him, and lets say, he is "special" in more ways that one, and blind in one eye, so he over compensates and prances all day. At night they eat out of parfait bowls which just cracks me up!
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am blessed beyond what I deserve, and is always good to reflect! My best, xo


These are exciting times for you. A new year, new beginnings, new friends! Happy Thanksgiving, Carrie!

Mary Kastner

Hi Carrie,

Congratulations on the new job, good luck with the move, the apartment looks really nice and Happy Thanksgiving. We moved a month ago and I am still in the mode of unpacking boxes and figuring out where to put it all. it is a big job. may the force be with you! Moda is so lucky to have you join them. i can't wait to see what happens next!


Linda H

It is always good to check and see a new blog from you ... one of most FAVORITES!! Happy that you are finding a new direction and challenges ... it stimulates the creativity and I believe that changes are put in our paths for reasons. I wish you and your family the most blessed of Thanksgivings. Can't wait to see what happens next! Linda


As someone who has had a couple of years of heavy-duty change, I celebrate all who take the plunge and dive head-on into a brave new world. It may not always be pretty or fun, but it will always be YOUR adventure. Enjoy the journey!


Hoping the move goes well and looking to hearing about your new life.


All the best to you Carrie in your new ventures!

Archie The Wonder Dog

Good luck with the move!

Mary Ann

Exciting! So happy to hear how change is energizing things for you too. It all comes back to us in fabulous patterns !


Carrie!!! It's so good to see an update of your adventures, and there is so much of your perky "voice" in this post I am bouncing with excitement for you.
I don't envy you the packing and moving part, but new anything is exciting! I wish I lived closer I would be there in a heart-beat.
I am so glad that you are determined to take us with you. We are determined to go!!
I am glad your Thanksgiving was full of blessings, may your Christmas find you warm and overflowing in new blessings and abundant gratitude.
Waiting patiently, sort of, for more of your story! ♥♥


Thank you, Carrie!
Can't wait to see what you think up at Moda. :D

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