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February 15, 2015


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Oh I am so happy to see you back here! Enjoying your other posts from work but they are so not the same.


Very Happy you are back blogging. I have missed you. I am following the moda blog but it is not the same. I like your quilt. The reason you were able to design quilts is you do not follow directions. I do miss your little schnibbles.

Ann in NC

Glad to see you are keeping this blog! I was bummed with the possibility it was going away. Terrific to have two places to enjoy! All the best to you with all of your new changes.


I'm happy you will be posting here too...I have books, cookbooks, and even household items I learned about first on your blog...so happy you will continue to share fun things here!

MOM Quilts

Yippee !!!
La Vie en Rose est de retour !
Every single day, I went and see if you were here.
Happy to hear from you again !


Thank you for keeping this blog (and us) and enterain us with your great stories be it about sewing stuff, food goodness or all this silly things called life.
I've already cut my Denyse Schmidt JR to copy your APQ quilt ... and I plan to chnage your layout a bit;-) Send you a picture asap:-)

Mdm Samm

really happy you will still return here....it is YOU we really like..your take, your personality, your artistic endeavour....thank you for sharing YOU again...

Denise in PA

While I'm loving reading you on the Moda blog, I'm so glad you'll still be blogging here, Carrie! Love keeping up with you on all fronts! o:)

JoAnne McPherson

I second other opinions that it is marvelous to be able to read stuff from you twice. I love both of your blogs!


I too am glad that you're back here too. Your chatty posts are a highlight to my blog trolling. Following you in 2 places is making me feel a bit like a stalker though.

Ramona Chester

Yeah, so glad you are keeping this blog. Sounds like fabric torture and remember - patience is a virtue - or so I have been told!


I'm so glad you will be blogging here and that I didn't delete the link to your blog on my RSS site. I look forward to seeing what you post on both sites.

And I love hearing about your process for this quilt!


Happy Day!! I was hoping you would continue to drop in here as well as all your new "homes". Looking forward to more on this blog - and love your twist on the quilt along.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Yay! I am happy to see you continuing this blog too. And I love your quilt!!!


I really enjoy your posts. Glad to see you are keeping this blog. But how on earth you can keep up with two is beyond me...lol!

Will you be at QuiltCon this week?


Yay, your cheering section is so doing the wave! Following you on Instagram and on the Moda blog is good. BUT we all love your funny stories and recipes and goofy stuff etc, etc.... Keep 'em coming :-D

Cathy Burk

So glad you are continuing this blog! The more we hear from you, the better!
Cathy and Schnibbles-the-Dog


SO VERY HAPPY you are back to blogging! We've all missed you, and your insight into fabric and life! Now, I really love your Moda blog and hearing all about my favorite fabric company, but I love being an "insider" by reading your original blog....Thank you! Welcome back!!


Good to see you back.


I'm also happy to see you blogging back here. I will follow you anywhere, in a platonic, totally non-creepy way, I promise! But here is a pieceful home, pun intended... Love the quilt! And welcome home. :)


Let me know how you do on that patience thing ... I get impatient waiting on the microwave. Love your take on the quilt-along. We can always count on you to show us another way to do things.

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Yay!!!Wave the pompoms and set off the fireworks! Carrie is back and you can't ever have too much! Your blogging for moda is great but it is, as I said, "for moda". I like to read the Carrie blogging for Carrie blog too. I'd like to ask if the shop will be open again soon - but I'll settle for one piece of good news at a time!
Enjoy QuiltCon! Lynne.

Linda H

Cartwheels and handstands that you are keeping LaVieEnRosie around. Read the Moda blog more religiously now that you're onboard there but would really miss you from this venue. LOVE that quilt and will probably "steal" some of your ideas but make it my own. Thanks for all you do and not to worry about the patience thing ... I have the same issues/attitudes ;-)


Woohoo!! I was so sad when you said that you weren't going to post here anymore. Glad to see that you are back!


I love your pattern more than any others I've seen. Maybe you should submit this one to the magazine giving credit to all of the above quilters that inspired your desgin? just a thought because you know you need ONE MORE thing to do in your new life. ;p

question? what DOES happen to the strike-offs? are they destroyed at the manufacturer site? just curious....

Linda P

Weeelllll!! I feel like I just got a shot in the arm!! Carrie's in da house!! Love your layout, but really love those background fabrics!! I haven't started mine yet, but I have some jelly rolls, I'm thinking of cutting up, they have aged long enough.

Drue Turpin

Yaaaaa! You're back! I'm so very glad you decided to continue. Oh, I have enjoyed your "work" blog too, but you are right. You can't spill your guts about things at work like you can here. Too messy. No pressure now, enjoy your new life in the grand state of Texas.


Yay!!! Doing the Happy Feet Dance!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!


. . . .seriously, tears of joy!!


I would be sad. Glad you are back!

Leota Krantz

You have just "made my day". I so look forward to ALL of your blogging no matter where it is. You just make me laugh. Thanks.


So very happy to hear you will keep blogging here. I was so sad to read that you weren't going to keep this blog going. Seriously I was reading all your past blog entries just to get a Carrie fix. But really I'm not a stalker... Love your twist on the quilt. Your such an inspiration to all of us lowly quilters. Keep on blogging, we will keep on following!

Roseanna Jakubowski

Ear to ear grin when I saw your blog light up on my Top Sites page. Hooray! Carrie is back.
I love the Moda blog, but I am so happy you will be back here too when time permits OR
goofy stuff is going on. You are an amazing designer and such an inspiration.

Jennifer Gwyn

Yay! Thanks for coming back. I enjoy your MODA blog as well, but I love your quirky entries here too!


Yay!! Welcome back!! Big smiles here . . .


Great to see you back! Quilt shops all over Oregon (okay, two -- Holly Hill and Boersma) reported Carrie sightings. Hope you had a fabulous visit to our beautiful coast.


Yay!!!! You are back! Finished a valentine quilt topper with your " Cindy Lou Who" pattern the other day and I love it.
I also love your Halloween quilt. Will Moda ever let you have a pajama day? Wouldnt be the same though with that new commute. Probably would have to brush your teeth too. :-)


Another YAAYYYY!! Carrie's back! I'm so happy you have decided to continue your personal blog. Losing Rosie and then your blog (with its wit and wisdom) was doubly sad. I'm so happy that the new job is working out and am excited to see what you have planned for your loyal followers!


Yes! So glad I can still read you here as well as the moda spot. I love your version, and think it is fablous! I made Lucy last year and I did keep it, but I sure love this one as well. I am playing along but slowly as I have too many irons in the fire ... so slow going for me on the 4 patch front! Thanks to Cupcake for letting me know you were still here! She is the best!


Your Moda blog is great, but glad to see you back in this space. It's kind of like we're old friends having a coffee klatch or stitch & bitch over here.

Mary Ann

Loving visitng you at your new gig but I am so excited to see you back here! Lots of things to talk about non Moda and you always teach me something. And make me laugh!!!

Archie The Wonder Dog

Yeah, you're still here - yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

P.S. LOVE your APQ quilt!


Oh Whew! I was just cleaning up my bookmarks and thought I would check your blog one last time before deleting. Wow, glad I did. I like your blog best and so happy you are staying. I know this sounds terrible but you are so much more genuine than most diabetic sweet/fake blogs. Real life is a mix of fun and frustration. Bad me, I know. Thanks for being real; and alive with all your spunk and spitfire! Go Rosie's momma! She would be so proud of you!


I'm so glad I stopped by and found that you were still blogging here! There will always be non-Moda stuff to share with us! I enjoy your writing style - I always feel that you're in the same room talking to me. Your Go Four It quilt is gorgeous, by the way!


Carrie, I couldn't find a "contact" button so I'm posting this as a comment. I thought you'd like to see the quilt I made using your block for Aurifil, "Not Afraid to Fly." I've used that name for the quilt, too, since it is for a high school graduation gift. Here's a picture: http://withstringsattached.blogspot.com/2015/02/dwm-back-in-studio.html
P.S. I'm happy you'll continue blogging, non-Moda.

Teresa C

I am very happy to see that you're back. I love your point of view, and friendly updates.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Carole S.

This makes me very happy. We get you from both directions. That's a good deal, any way you look at it.

Sue S

So happy to see your post... and two thumbs UP on the color and placement!


So glad you decided to keep this blog open. It has been so sad knowing you were going to leave this behind. Thank you so much for keeping him. I know I sound silly just ignore it. I just want to dance and cry at the same time.

Suzanne Simpson

it is so exciting to see that I think like everyone else and everyone else thinks like me - so happy you are back on your own blog-yes I missed you and looked every day hoping you would write to me-at least that's how it always felt. Looking forward to buying some patterns from the shop too

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