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April 05, 2015


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Yes, live can be good especially with a bakery nearby ... or some cake leftovers from a family trip (just saying;-) Wishing you a Happy Easter and lots of sewing time!

Linda P

I am going nutso!! I broke my foot 3 wks ago and there has been NO sewing! We were in FL and now back here in the beautiful mountains, however, I have not made it up to the "nest" yet. So I am wondering around blog world and finding some fun stuff, and you here to update your blog. Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff - already love Wee Hours. L. xo

Susan Bailey

I lit up when I saw your new posting!! Looking forward to your new patterns-Wee Hours looks like a great one.

Colleen Coffman

So happy to see a post here! Wasn't expecting that to ever happen again. But am so enjoying your chats on the Cutting Table too. I too am looking forward to your new patterns. Love Wee Hours!! Thanks Carrie.


Glad you are enjoying your new adventure. That retreat looks fabulous.


Welcome back!!! Glad your move and new job are going well, and looking forward to seeing more patterns soon!!!


Glad to see an updated post and what you've been doing. I enjoy reading the Cutting Table. Looking forward to seeing your new patterns.


it doesn't matter to me where you blog (i actually thought this was the moda one) but am just so glad you're writing so often! always happy to see a post written by you popping up on my feed. thank you!!


Looking forward to your new "short story" patterns. More inspiration!! I'm really close to having a usable sewing room, and I can't wait to get in there and just sew away.

Archie The Wonder Dog

It must be so hard to work on patterns which aren't going to be seen for twelve months plus - I can see how single patterns would be easier to cope with! The retreat sounds great - thank goodness there were a set of stairs between the sewing room and the bakery, at least some calories were burnt in getting there and back!!


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a new post here! So happy to read it! (I'm loving your Moda posts too!) Looking forward to your new patterns---I just participated in a nine patch block exchange and I think they will be perfect for Wee Hours.

Leota Krantz

Welcome back from Utah. Love the Cutting Table blogs, printing most of them since my memory is not as good as it used to be. Can't wait to get my hands on those new patterns and the upcoming book.


So glad to see you posting here... love seeing Rosie's photo by your words! So, these new pattern you mentioned, are they Schnibbles or full size? Can't wait to get my hands on them! I miss your designs! Your sewing room looks lovely...and lonely... What a huge retreat! Our local guild retreats are 25-30 gals max!! And a bakery a few steps away...HEAVEN!!

Linda H

Doing the "happy dance" that you've left this blog site open ... I check it daily with my morning tea ... before wandering over to the Moda site ;-) Wee Hours looks WONDERFUL and can't wait for the pattern release. Log cabin blocks are my favorite block and Reproduction fabrics are my addiction ... you had me when you said you combined the two ... I'll be there when that one is released, too! Lovely sewing room ... at least you can SEE the floor! LOL In the process of "organizing" mine ... that seems to be a common theme among quilters ... organizing our space. What a retreat!! The organization it must take to pull that off is amazing ... and I feel their pain having organized one for 50 sewers once. Would love to attend ... has become a bucket list item and have added the website to my favorites! Happy Easter to you and keep up the great work ... you have many happy fans out here in Quiltland!!


Yay -- a post! I've missed you here, but follow you everywhere else so it helps LOL. Looks like you had a great time -- although, it's Utah, so not sure how it could have been otherwise if you're a quilter!


Love Wee Hours! So excited you have new patterns and book coming up. Love reading your posts here, on the cutting table and following on Instagram.... You're one busy lady :)


I must have "channeled" your newest post! I love Wee Hours! Now I am really anxious for you to get finished and May to come fast!
It is so nice to see that you don't sit still for one minute! Consider me your cheering section!


Keep it up. You one creative over achiever!

Debbie from Seattle

Love Wee Hours. Are you going to keep it for the book or will it go out as a single pattern. I cant wait to get a hold of the pattern.


I make allot of zipper pouches and knitting bags, and I think glue basting is the greatest thing since bottled beer. (As my dad would say.) I am getting MUCH better results when I sew in zippers since I started using a tiny bit of Elmer's.

Cheryl Sorensen

Carrie, I am looking for your quilt pattern entitled "Northern Lights" but cannot find it anywhere in Canada and it is not one of your patterns listed on United Notions. I would love to make this quilt for a great niece for her graduation present as I live in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada which is truly home of the "Northern Lights". Can you please tell me where I can purchase this pattern hopefully as a pdf as I am running out of time. Thank you so much!!!!

Susan Strasser

Dear Carrie,

Our guild, Prairie Star Quilt Guild, St. Charles, Illinois, would like to talk with you about coming back as our banquet speaker and workshop teacher in 2017. What would be the best way to get in touch with you - email, telephone, blog, your office in Dallas????

Please let me know.

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