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January 02, 2016


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So nice to see you back! What is a Christmas Lucy? Did I miss something?

Peggy Aront

I agree with your brother.... :)

I'm sure after blogging and updating FB etc for your job that you're all "written" out and just want to relax or sew.....

I LOVE the little scrappy block at the end of your post. I've been trying to use up scraps but as any quilter will tell you, it's fighting a losing battle.....

I look forward to seeing more posts from you this year!

Peggy in NJ where it's FINALLY getting to feel like winter!

Mary Ann

So happy to see you back here although I do enjoy all your other posts too. I have the fabrics for original Lucy all starched and ready to cut, they have been waiting for me for several months ( more like 6). Hmmmm...I think they count as a UFO so I can work on them and still be on goal for 2016.... Sew more ufos! Happy New Year Carrie!


Wait, another Lucy? Sheesh, I haven't finished the first one. You are always an inspiration, though, so keep it coming! I'll catch up eventually.

I was thinking of you a couple of days ago. Happy one-year anniversary with Moda! Favorite fabric manufacturer, favorite pattern designer -- a winning combination for all of us.

Happy New Year, Carrie. Here's to a healthy and happy one!


I love your brother for encouraging you to blog here. I follow you on the Moda site but missed seeing you here, although I do love the sneak peaks.

Happy New Year!

Panto Pam

What a nice surprise to see you again! I always love to hear about what you are making and what inspires you!


Happy New Year! Nothing new.

Linda F.

Love seeing you back on here! I hope that hockey games was our Dallas Stars! They're my favorite reason to head to Dallas. Enjoy your blog posts...no matter where I find them.


So wonderful to see you back here!! I've always loved your blog! Wishing you a Happy New Year and maybe a new puppy this year.


Happy New Year to you! It's great to read another Carrie post, not that I don't love the ones you're writing on the Moda blog but there it's (of course) Moda related while here it's about you.
Hope to hear/read from you now and then:-)

Leota Krantz

So happy to hear from you, here. Best wishes to you in 2016.

Loris MIlls

Happy New Year, Carrie! I enjoy reading wherever you blog :-)
Was thinking of you when I heard of all that weather hitting Texas. Hope you were safe and dry during those happenings.
I love the new quilt with Rosie's picture on it. Such a sweet face and a beautiful quilt and frame.


Fun to find you back on your blog! Although your "elsewhere" blog is quite wonderful too! Happy 2016 to you!

Clair Becker

love hearing from you.I really like your resolution for the new year,Simplify yes yes yes.

Archie The Wonder Dog

Yeah, you're back!

Carole S.

I second all of the above. It's always good to catch up with you.


Happy 2016 to You! I am always pleased when you blog here. Take care.

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Happy New Year! It's good to see you here. I've been hoping that you would return to your personal blog one day although I do read the moda related posts you write elsewhere! Thank you, Carrie's brother! Will there be new Schnibbles patterns this year - and dare I mention the promised new book?


Nice to see a post from you here! I like what I see of the Christmas Lucy. I've been wanting to make a Christmas quilt and actually have the fabric for about four quilts. Time to get started.


So happy to see you back here! Glad you are hanging on and enjoying your new life! Yogi says hi and we both still miss Miss Rosie! God Bless! Happy New Year!!

Golden Child

Carrie: "...it's been awhile."?? As the grammar/wordsmith 'expert' (is it PC to say 'nazi'?), I would have thought that you would know the difference between "a while" and "awhile"? In summary, to my undertanding, the latter is generally used to describe short-term events and the former is for longer term (see http://blog.dictionary.com/word-fact-whats-the-difference-between-a-while-and-awhile/). Maybe you want to characterize 7 months since posting as 'short term', but my opinion is that the rest of us do not.

It was great to see (and help) you this weekend and I'm glad to see your Miss Rosie's blog (finally!) being attended to (you have a lot of fans!).

Mark (aka Golden Child)


HI Carrie
Quick question for you (as I know how crazy busy you are) if there were any "errors" (GASP) in any of your Schnibbles past printed patterns where would I look online to find the corrections? I'm not saying I found an error. But from past experience with any pattern/book I like to double check the website of publisher for any errors before I proceed to cut and start project. Hubble came out in 2012 ... do you know off hand any changes? Thank you bunches!!!

Linda P

I'm late to the party - again!! Just when I got my hubster a new laptop for Christmas, mine died, and I hate sharing!!!! So my time on the computer has been limited. As everyone, so happy to see that you had posted, and yes, I do read else where, but some how this seems more personal. I have more to say, but no time to say it, so while I'm a tad late, I'll just say "Happy New Year!" L. xo

Andrea (@ Tideline Quilts)

What a wonderful surprise to find you blogging here again (and how nice to see Rosie's sweet face again)...I just found out now that you are still producing new Miss Rosie patterns...best surprise to start the new year off on a high note! - so am heading to the Fat Quarter shop and a few others to look for the new patterns and do some shopping!

I know you blog a lot over at The Cutting Table, but if you can muster up the enthusiasm, it sure would be nice to read up on "quilty stuff" and "life" over here, too!

Take care...


Yes, I am surprised! A happy surprise! It's good to hear from you... happy 2016! I'm glad you are embracing morning time. It's when all the magic happens... no, really!


Wow I was surprised to see a blog entry after so long. I read your posts over at the "other site" so I know you're busy but it's nice to read about Carrie stuff. I hope you have a great 2016!


Such a happy surprise to find this post! I'm enjoying your other blog too but miss this one. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Lucy. Have a wonderful 2016!

Bari Jo Moore

Yay! Was so much fun to see this! (a little birdie on Thema's page sent me over here!) Love when you post and love seeing what you are doing! :O) Happy New Year!!! xo


Do you know where i can found your last pattern into the wind ?


So glad to see you back. I missed you. Don't know where else to find you. Now I'm going to read and see what you're up to.

Glenice Jones

Hello Carrie. I hope I'm in the right place..... I'm after one of your Schnibbles patterns - Jersey Girl. I have searched for you, and the pattern, and ended up at this site. Could you please let me know how I can purchase this.

I am presuming you have had a life change? hope it is going well.
Glenice Jones (Australia)

Robin Malloy

Many years ago I purchased your pattern Tag Sale. This is probably my favorite quilt pattern. In 2006 I made a quilt and gave to my husband for our anniversary. Fast forward to 2016. My husband and I are members of a local greyhound rescue group Keystone Greyhounds. Up until now we have helped by fostering (and adopting 2) and making warm coats for all dogs adopted out through our group. I have now been asked to make a quilt for our May picnic and fund raising raffle. Money made from the raffle goes towards helping with senior dogs. More information can be found on the website. My question for you is, if I give you full credit for design of the pattern (on the label) may I use this pattern for the raffle. What better quilt to symbolize the beginning of a new life for these wonderful creatures-each having so much to offer in love and affection. Just like going to a tag sale and finding that wonderful treasure. I look forward to your response, respectfully, Robin Malloy

Teresa C in California

Love your posts!

I have to say, selfishly, that I find reading blogs so much nicer than Pinterest. I hope you will come back and update us periodically with your adventures!

J and J Uniform Acc

Love this! Hope to get more updates on your blog!

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